The Process
Set your goals

We want our menu to be customizable to your dietary needs. A good goal to set is for each meal to hit around 400-500 calories. Most of our menu options hit within this range, but we do offer some more homestyle meals that are higher counts. Our favorite way to track our diet is through macros. We are working hard to get the macros (cal, carbs, fat, protein, sugar and salt) for all of our protein items, available on our Nutrition page. Protein, carbs and fat all break down into calories; sugars are included in carbohydrates.

1 g fat = 9 calories

1 g protein = 4 calories

1 carb = 4 calories

Tracking macros is an easy way to customize your intake. A diabetic might pursue a low carb diet, and look to obtain more of their calories from protein and fat. We recommend you visit this page to make appropriate side choices if you are looking to track info for your diet. Some protein items have more fat and carbs to them, like our Meatloaf Balls, so we recommend pairing them with two lower carb and fat side items like greens and broccoli.

The basics

We constantly update our menu with new options and healthy recipes.

Note, salads and breakfast items do not come with side items. We also have some prepackaged meals that do not have a side option. 

We prep many days and have multiple pick-up times available.

Please make a reservation at the bottom of the order page so we know when to prep your meals!

Meals are fresh and good for a week in your fridge, or freeze them for up to a month!

You can pay with Paypal online, or by card or cash in person when you pick-up your order.

Meal prices vary, but if your order is over $75 you can use a discount code!

Pick Your Protein

Each regular meal comes with a full 4 oz of protein. There is a bigger protein option of 6 oz, available for $9 a meal. Choose from our weekly protein options which contain the classics like Racheal’s Famous Meatloaf Balls and other delicious options like Lemon Pepper Chicken and BBQ Pulled Pork. Make sure you check our menu page and social media every week on Tuesday to order from the current menu. Weekly menus are published on Mondays, but we can be running a little late.

Pick Your Sides

Each meal comes with two of our delicious and healthy side items. Remember, several meals do not come with any sides, or have prechosen sides listed. Pick your sides based on your own dietary needs. For a low carb/low sugar diet, we recommend greens, cabbage, and broccoli. You can double up on the sides if you’d like. Most of our sides are a half cup portion. Bulkier sides like the cabbage and broccoli come with a full cup.

Place Your Order

Order as many meals as you like! Many of our customers order $75 or more to obtain a 7% off discount! We also offer a $3 off discount on orders of $75 or more for military, teachers, first responders and medical professionals. We post our menu every Monday.  Once you place your order, we will do our best to fill your order by your requested time. We prep meals fresh on Friday and Monday. Order by Wednesday at Midnight for pick up on Friday (6:00pm – 7:30om) or Sunday (4:00pm  6:00pm), and order by Friday at Midnight for Pick up on Monday (6:00pm – 7:30pm)! Pick up your meals at our kitchen, located in the Old School Business Center in Moore, Oklahoma.




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